21 Oct,2015

21 Oct 2015 - IDPD statement on intolerance

The Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD) has expressed grave concern at the efforts to spread intolerance in the country which is threatening the social harmony and the basic concept of unity in diversity of our country. Based on the vision of freedom fighters, forefathers of our country had drafted our constitution declaring India a secular democratic country with equal freedom and rights to all religious and ethnic groups. In a statement released Dr L S Chawla – President IDPD said that for some time there has been concerted effort to impose homogeneous culture and weaken the pluralism of our nation. There have also been incidents of provoking violence on communal grounds. In a diverse country like ours the culture and habits of any one group cannot be imposed on others as each one has its own history and background. History has proved time and again that development suffers the most in the event of violence of any kind. Dr Arun Mitra- General secretary IDPD said that the South Asia is one among the most deprived regions. The events that are occurring at present will have far reaching national and international implications. Therefore all the saner and right thinking people must unite to preserve the rich social fabric of our country. He appealed to the people of Punjab also to maintain restrain in the present situation.