15 Mar,2015


There is urgent need for confidence building measures between the countries of south Asia to improve the health indicators of the region. As a result of ongoing tension between the nations and several internal problems within the countries there is huge spending on arms which has made the region’s health spending low. As a result all the countries of the region barring Sri Lanka are among those with lowest health indicators in the world. This spending should be diverted to wards health, education and development. This was the message of the medical students exchange programme on HEALTH THROUGH PEACE organised by the Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD). At Srinagar Dr Rafiq Ahmed Pampori, Principal of the Govt. Medical College said that the programme is very relevant in context of the present situation in Kashmir. Love and brotherhood and service to humanity is need of the hour. Dr G M Malik –Vice President IDPD said that IDPD is a forum where every one can express her/his viewpoints freely on the question of peace and health. Students from Kashmir have been active in such programmes earlier too. A highlight of the programme was candle march through the streets of Faridkot by these students under the leadership of Dr Gaganpreet. During this march the students explained to the people in the bazaars their motive of spreading the message of peace and love and health for all. At Amritsar students Dr Santokh singh senior member of IDPD and Dr S S Deepti-head of department of Social and Preventive Medicine Govt. Medical College. Addressed. Large number of senior faculty members took part in the event at Jammu. Dr S S Soodan Senior Vice President IDPD said that there is need for equitable spending on health. Dr R P Kudiar Principal ASCOMS blessed the students for their mission for peace, harmony and health. At AIIMS Dr Usha Shrivastva –Vice President IDPD gave brief history of the IDPD. Dr Chanderkant Pandav-HOD Community Medicine assured of all types of cooperation in future. Dr Arun Mitra - General Secretary IDPD said that these activities are meant to make the students mix up with each other which will break the false propaganda and myths against each other and help in integration process. Next time, he said they will organize group of students from North to travel to south. He thanked all the Principals and senior faculty members for their support to the programme. During the whole programme a group of 12 students from Nashik and Bathinda traversed over 2000 Kilometers from Nashik in Maharashtra to Delhi, Faridkot & Amritsar in Punjab and Jammu & Srinagar in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. During interaction with the students and Faculty in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi, Gurugobind Singh Medical College Faridkot, Govt. Medical College Amritsar, Acharya Shri Chander College of Medical Sciences (ASCOMS) Jammu and Govt. Medical College Srinagar, the visiting students gave presentations on the subjects pertaining to peace development and health. The students’ were lead by Dr Jeetendra Singh, National Students Coordinator of IDPD. The group included Ms Fatema Merchant-team leader, Ms Ashika, Ms Roma Jain, Mr Gaurav Chaudhary Mr Chandan Arora, Ms Lipsy, Ms Rosy, Ms Dolly, Ms Ritul and Mr Abhinav. At every place there was a vibrant questions and answers session and discussion. Senior faculty members who attended the events include Dr Chandrakant Pandav Head Department of Community Medicine, Dr Usha Shrivastva – Vice President IDPD, Dr Anil Goswami and Dr Harshad Salve, at AIIMS; Dr B B Mahajan- Principal Guru Gobind singh Medical College, Dr Gaganpreet an Dr Sanjay Chaudhary Asst. Professors Department of Community Medicine at Faridkot; Dr Santokh Singh, Dr S S Deepti - HOD Community Medicine, Dr Jasleen and Dr Navdeep at Govt. Medical College Amritsar; Dr S S Soodan Director ASCOMS and Dr R P Kudiar Principal; Dr Rafiq Ahmed Pampori-Principal GMC Srinagar, Dr G M Malik-Vice President IDPD and Dr Salim Khan HOD Social and Preventive Medicine GMC Srinagar and Com amarjeeet Kaur-National Secretary AITUC.