30 Aug,2013

Seminar at Yamunanagar (Haryana)

The Haryana unit of IDPD organized a seminar on BUILDING FUTURE THROUGH PEACE AND HEALTH on 1st September at Yamunanagar. Dr Karan Singh gave an introduction of the event and called upon the people to work for peace. Dr Arun Mitra – General Secretary IDPD while paying homage to the victims of atomic bombing of Hiroshima said that with people’s movement we can prevent such an event from reoccurring. Peace is the only way if we want to progress. Dr. Balbir Singh cautioned about the dangers of nuclear power plants. He also expressed grave concern at the climate change which will change the flora and fauna pattern and endanger our lives. Dr Rajmohan Singh said that more activities should be done on this front. Others who attended include Dr Neelam, Dr Ravinder Singh Gill, Dr Vikram Bharti, Dr Kuldeep Saini and Dr Rajinder Kumar.