10 Mar,2013

Fukushima Day Report of Meeting at Patiala, March 10, 2013

Renewable energy resources can meet all our energy requirements. They are also clean, transparent and safe source of energy. India has the potential of generating 5000 Trillion KW hours per year of electricity from Solar and 102788 MW from Wind and will need 3128 Trillion Watt hour per year of electrical energy in the future if it adopts a frugal policy for energy use. This annual need could be met through renewable energy resources alone in the form of solar power, wind and hydroelectric power. The only issue involved is the political will. These views were expressed by Dr Arun Mitra, General Secretary of the national NGO “Indian Doctors for Peace and Development” while delivering a talk at the seminar on “Renewable Energy Sources and Sustainable Development” at Patiala organized by its Patiala Unit in collaboration with six others NGOs of the city on the eve of Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima in Japan on 11th March 2011. Dr Balbir Singh, the local coordinator of the NGO told that in contrast to the natural and renewable resources of energy like solar, wind and water, the nuclear resources are neither safe nor economical and are fraught with danger of nuclear weaponisation with hazardous ill effects on human health which the world has already witnessed thrice with major accidents in nuclear power plants. An environmental engineer from Punjab Pollution Control Board, highlighting various types of pollution responsible human health hazards, elaborated various measures being taken by the board to check pollution in the state with specially set up Environment Protection Squad. More than 200 participants including representatives of different NGOs, Dr Janak Sachdeva, Dr Sudhir Verma, Mrs. Parminder Kaur, Dr N.S. Bawa, Karamjit Singh Jatana ( Retd. DFPO), Advocate Joginder Singh Jindu, Dr Dharamveer Gandhi, Ujagar Singh ( Retd. DPRO), Dr Amar Singh Azad and Dr DS Bhullar, participated in the seminar.