27 Feb,2019

Take Immediate Steps to stop war and resume dialogue

Date: 27.02.2019


Press Note


The Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD) are perturbed at the escalation of tension between India and Pakistan. The ongoing air strikes will lead to development of extremely serious situation.  In the statement Dr S S Soodan- President IDPD, Dr Shakeel Ur Rahman- General Secretary and Dr Arun Mitra- Sr. Vice President IDPD said that  we demand both governments of Indian & Pakistan to show restraint and avoid any war like situation. We further demand immediate measures from both sides to de-escalate the situation and de-militarize borders by withdrawing troops to the peace time level. 

We also take serious note of the negative role of by some of electronic media in eulogizing the war. They should stop such programmes and talk of peace instead.  We demand from the governments of both Pakistan and India to initiate meaningful dialogue involving various stake holders.



Dr Arun Mitra

Sr. Vice President

M: 9417000360