09 Jul,2019

9 July 2019 Jammu: IDPD seminar on Peace, Health & Development at IDS Sehora, Jammu


IDPD seminar on Peace, Health & Development at IDS Sehora, Jammu


To commemorate the second anniversary of signing the Treaty Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) by the united nations general assembly on 7th July 2017 and to create awareness in the society on the dangers of war, violence and nuclear proliferation in the region, a seminar on the theme ‘Peace, Health and Development’ was held by the IDPD (Indian Doctors for Peace and Development) at the Institute of Dental Sciences, Sehora, Jammu on 9th July 2019.

Dr Arun Mitra, the first Indian Co-President of IPPNW was the chief guest.  He deliberated on the topics of healthcare, education, poverty and other socio-economic issues prevalent in the society. He outlined the contributions of the medical profession and the role of civil society all over the world on prevention of war and violence for a safe and healthy planet for future generations.  It is imperative, he said  that the nuclear weapons are abolished for good and the money being wasted be diverted for health and education. It is important that both India and Pakistan should hold dialogue to sort out the issues. Nuclear rhetoric will lead to mutually assured destruction.    

Dr S.S Soodan, National President of IDPD (Indian Doctors for Peace and Development) highlighted the responsibilities and efforts of IDPD on promotion of Peace, Health and Development in India and stressed upon the significance of such awareness campaigns all over the country.

The Chairman Institute of Dental sciences, Dr R.K Suri and the entire management committee were appreciated by the IDPD for organizing this event in the premises of their Institute to promote issues on health, peace and development amongst the future doctors of the state. The Principal IDS, Dr Harvinder Singh, Vice Principal  Dr Sarbjeet Singh, other faculty members  and the students from IDS  and Ascoms, Jammu  actively participated in the seminar. Dr Bhavneet kaur, Head Department of Paediatric Dentistry and a member IDPD conducted the programme and also presented the vote of thanks.


Later in the day Dr Arun Mitra and Dr S S Soodan addressed a press conference.