01 Sep,2019

31 August and 1 September IDPD National Conference held at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

IDPD National Conference demands all nuclear weapons possessing countries to join TPNW

 To work for Universal Healthcare


The 11th National Conference of Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD) held at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala called upon the nuclear weapons possessing countries to join the treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons (TPNW). The treaty was passed by the UN General assembly two years ago on 7thJuly 2017 by 122 countries voting in favour and only one against it. It was a moral defeat of the nuclear   weapons possessing countries who did not join the deliberations. They should respect the global opinion for complete nuclear disarmament. Several areas of the world are having low level conflicts  which have potential to escalate into larger wars. In such situations possibility of use of nuclear weapons cannot be ruled out. Our own region south Asia is under serious threat because of brewing tension between India and Pakistan. This has to be checked urgently the conference felt. It is unfortunate, the conference further felt that our government is entering into agreements with various countries to make arms for export purpose. This will seriously take away resources from social needs including health and education.

Healthcare in our country is already in serious crisis. Every year 6.3 crore people are pushed below poverty line as a result of out of pocket expenditure on health. Nearly 40% of people have to borrow money for indoor care and 25% for outdoor care. The Ayshman Bharat does not at all fulfill the healthcare needs of the people. It is meant for only 40% of population that too with several strings. There is no coverage for outpatient care while 70% of out of pocket expenditure is incurred on outpatient care. There is need for universal healthcare to be delivered by the government directly. The Ayshman Bharat is a scheme to give doles to the insurance companies and private sector. Conference noted with concern that there is no policy to streamline drug prices. This has to be done on priority basis.

The conference noted with concern healthcare situation in Kashmir. Curbs on movement of doctors and patients should be relaxed so that people can access to healthcare facilities freely.  Check on movement is affecting supply of food and other essential material. This directly affects the nutrition and health particularly of the children. Government’s claim that healthcare situation is normal need to be reconfirmed by independent groups. For this willing doctors from other parts of the country should be allowed to go there to assess the situation an offer medical care if needed.

Conference also demanded a central act to prevent violence against doctors. Such incidents inhibit doctors from performing duties ethically.  There is need for patient – public interactions for this.

Students conference cautioned against the national medical commission  which will jeopardize the medical education system. It will make the education more expensive which in turn have effect on health care cost.  Concerns of various states should be kept in mind while dealing with the admission process and other issues about medical education. Many students gave their presentations in the conference.

The conference elected the following team to carry forward the activities:




Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat

Maj. Gen. (Retd.) Vinod Saighal

Ms.Amarjeet Kaur

Dr Santokh Singh

Azeez Pasha



Dr S S Soodan


Sr Vice President

Dr Satyajit Kumar Singh

Dr Arun Mitra


Vice Presidents

Dr.Nara Singh

Dr Navinder Singh Bawa

Dr Tejbir Singh

Dr G.M.Malik

Dr Ravindranath



General Secretary

Dr Shakeel Ur Rahman



Dr V Sadanandam

Dr.Yudhisthir Dass

Dr.Sudhir Dhakre

Dr.Subhash Chakaraborty

Dr Dharmendra Kumar

Dr Rajni

Dr Jeetendra Singh

Dr Sajeed A


Finance Secretary

Dr.Bharti Uppal


Student Coordinator

Dr Gaganpreet Singh


Student Co-Coordinators

Md. Rakibuddin, Manipur

Hariganesh, Tamil Nadu


Shehbaz, Punjab



Editorial Board

Dr.Sanjeev Uppal

Dr.Abhay Gour

Dr Sham Sunder Deepti

Dr Nilima Pathak



Dr B Ranga Reddy

Dr Anil Pathak

Dr Anjali Mehta

Dr Sujatha

Dr Rajendra

Dr Balbir Singh

Dr Vasudevan K R

Dr Jasvinder Singh

Dr Karan Singh Chauhan

Dr Aneesh T S

Dr Mohan Lal

Dr Narjit Kaur

Dr Neelam

Dr Nirmal Dhiman 

Dr P.S.Barar  

Dr Rosenara

Dr Rajeev Munjal

Dr Asis Debburma

Dr B N Saha

Dr Shyam Sunder Telengana

Dr Sampath Rao

Dr Surinder Singh Sidhu

Dr Suwarna Fronseka

Dr Sudhan

Dr Manglem

Dr Chourjeet Singh

Dr Tej Ram Garg


Students’ Team

North East - Md. Rakibuddin

South - Vennela Vundinty


Central - Ankit Kumar

Small Arms Project - Onam Gupta


Student Members

Dr. Vennela

Dr Sirisha

Laithangbam Surjit Singh

Thiyam Pinkey Devi


Arshdeep Singh

Mr Ankush

Ankit K V -

Kritesh R

Arvindh Santosh



Rajesh Arora

Ankit Kumar


Navchandra Keisham