28 Oct,2019

IDPD Meetings in Jammu

10th October 2019 Jammu, Dr Arun Mitra – Co President IPPNW and Dr S S Soodan – President IDPD and Dr Neera held an interactive session with a group of students at Acharya Shrichand College of Medical Sciences (ASCOMS) Jammu. They asked the students to step up the activities for peace and health which is particularly important in the present situation.


Medical students motivated to work for peace and health - IDPD Meet at Jammu

28th October 2019 Jammu, Dr. Aanieq Moghal of Acharya Shrichand College of Medical Sciences (ASCOMS) Jammu addressed the students of First profs on the aims and objects of IDPD and IPPNW. He explained them the workings and aims of the organization and the activities done in the past. He urged the young doctors to be to join hands with IDPD from the very beginning and explained the registration process. Students showed a lot of enthusiasm and came in good numbers for registration.