25 Apr,2021

IPPNW South Asia Webinar on “Lessons from Pandemic – Build Hospitals not Bombs”


Date: 25.04.2021


IPPNW South Asia Webinar on “Lessons from Pandemic – Build Hospitals not Bombs”  


Participants – Dr Tipu Sultan – Pakistan, Dr Kamrul H Khan, Dr Salek, Dr Moshiur Rahman – Bangladesh, Dr Arun Dixit, Dr Sharad Onta, Sudarshan  Acharya - Nepal, Dr S S Soodan, Dr Arun Mitra, Dr G M Malik, Dr Jeetendra Singh, Dr S K Prabhakar, Dr Ulfat Pardesi, Dr Ankita, Amarjeet Kaur, Dr Pradeep, Achin Vanaik, Linnah Mariyam & Swaroop Singh – India, Dr Olga – Russia, Chuck Johnson – Central Office USA


Dr S S Soodan chaired the session. He welcomed the participants and gave a brief account of need to hold this webinar.


Dr Salek, Dr Arun Dixit and Dr Tipu Sultan gave an account of COVID situation in their respective countries.


Achin Vanaik spoke on the problem of arms race in South Asia and its relation to the global situation. He suggested for a face to face meeting of peace organisations in Bangladesh followed by interaction with the government. He further outline that:


  1. Kashmir should be declared as nuclear weapon free zone.
  2. India and Pakistan should declare military disengagement zone.  
  3. They should sing a no war pact
  4. Nepal and Bangladesh should declare themselves as nuclear weapons free zone and impress upon India and Pakistan to do the same.
  5. Nepal should ratify the TPNW
  6. Middle classes should be engaged more in the peace movement.


Dr Kamrul expressed support to Achin’s proposals and agreed to organize a meet in Dhaka when the situation of COIVD improves.


Dr Ulfat gave an 11 point programme for the students to work in such situation.


Dr Jeetednra said that such activities have to be continued.


Dr Olga expressed cooperation with South Asia.


Chuck Johnson said that IPPNW would be supportive of Bangladesh meet.


Dr Arun Mitra summed up the deliberations. He also proposed a broad joint Webinar of different peace organization in South Asian countries. He also said that there should be joint web meets among the affiliates of South Asia with other regional groups.