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Indian Doctors For Peace And Development(IDPD)

Medical profession has always showed concern for ailing humanity, not only in form of providing cure to the sick but also in form of taking effective measures for prevention of disease and infirmity. Physicians have worked to improve nutrition of impoverished families and have supported various legislations that concern health of society; for example they have demanded steps for automobile safety measures, ban on advertisement of tobacco products, warning signals on alcohol, ban on sex determination tests with a gender bias, steps for promotion of healthy environment etc.

Mankind has progressed whenever it has lived in peace. Wars have brought about devastation and human misery. Health is most adversely affected in the event of war and violence. Weapons of mass destruction including nuclear, biological and chemical ones have added new dimension to this. History is witness to the unprecedented destruction caused by the atomic bombing by the USA on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. With the present scenario of these weapons medical profession shall have no remedy to offer. As of today there is a serious danger of these weapons falling into the hands of terrorists. Danger of unprecedented damage by accident also can be quite serious.

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